Our latest kit acquisition – the incredible MōVI Pro from Freefly Systems. I’ve long since had a fascination with camera movement. It began way back as an undergraduate studying Film at Warwick University. How and why the camera moves has a huge impact on our perception of a film. If the naughties were the era of the RED One and the DSLR digital imaging revolution then the current decade must surely be the decade of the gimbal! When the original MōVI came out it was much adopted the world over. Here was a piece of equipment that was so incredibly flexible, that would allow previously unseen and unachievable shots. Or at the very least, shots that would have been much more expensive to achieve and only in reach of major Hollywood productions. The current MōVI Pro is a fairly substantial investment – but it’s still democratised camera movement. However, it’s important to think of the MōVI Pro as another tool in the filmmaking arsenal. It can improve production value. No question. But it’s not right for every scenario or project. We’ve only had ours for the past two months but already it has proved its worth.