What makes us different

Filmmaking is a collaborative medium; it requires the perfect blend of the creative and the technical.

Our philosophy is first and foremost based on connecting and collaborating with the people and technology we work with. This means we have full empathy for your needs; from getting the most out of your contributors on the day to creating effective solutions for all budgets.


  • We have extensive experience: Our technicians and crew have years’ worth of varied experience (we promise you are in safe hands). 
  • We have excellent equipment: We work exclusively with higher-end cinema type camera systems because we want to create content that looks beautiful. 
  • We welcome all timeframes: We are used to working under pressure – where we may only have one opportunity to get the shot.


Whatever the specific needs of your project, our filmmaking always aims for the highest production value to achieve the results you need.

We know technology isn’t enough to create dynamic engaging content. We also know not everyone wants all the technical details. We are here to understand how tech can enable and enhance your creative vision. Our crews know how to make the technology invisible so that we can work together to create amazing content.

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We were born out of a desire to create compelling content

Formed in 2017, we are an ambitious and energetic company. We continuously collaborate with an amazing talent pool and strive to become a leading production company. When Ben (our Founder and Director) worked at other companies he often witnessed a lot of cutting corners. He wanted to address this with his own video production company and so Spellbinder is born out of a desire to create high quality work. We love listening to people and helping solve their problems.

Core Team
Ben Sherriff
Charlotte Lindsell
Pablo Gargiulo
Darren Lovell
Jed Darlington-Roberts
Sue Elliot


As an actor, Ben was once told “You’re only as good as your last job”

In the creative industries, this might be a pretty good summary of how people can judge your work. As human beings, we are always striving to be better. Our ethos is based on this. We strive for every project to exceed expectations. To go the extra mile. Filmmaking isn’t about accepting the bare minimum. For us, it is about finding the limits of what you can achieve and then pushing beyond them.

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