Cupcake Day

Client: Alzheimer's Society

House of Experience approached us to shoot and produce this content to promote the Alzheimer's Society annual fundraiser 'Cup Cake Day' with GBBO star and winner Candice Brown. We spent two days with a small crew filming in Newcastle and on the Southbank of the Thames in London. The content had 43k views on the charity's Facebook page with lots of engagement and comments.

Agency: House of Experience

Shooting Director: Ben Sherriff

Director of Photography (London): Davey Gilder

Focus Puller: Jed Darlington-Roberts

Format: Sony FS7 with Zeiss Super Speed mkIII lenses

Platform: Facebook

Zeiss Super Speeds – beautiful cinematic Bokeh

The ‘Bokeh’ (the fancy way of saying ‘background out of focus bit’) of the image is insanely pleasing on the vintage Zeiss MKIII super speeds. These remarkable 1980s cinema lenses are really beautiful when paired with the Sony FS7 workhorse. They are a fantastic way of creating a beautiful look with the Sony camera and really soften it’s colour nicely. We love the colour palate of the grade on this promo content, beautiful pastels, and some tasty looking cakes. What’s not to like? In Newcastle we interviewed two contributors who were living with the effects of Alzheimer’s and in London, blessed with gorgeous weather we shot lots of people enjoining the cupcakes that were being given away as part of House of Experience’s experiential activation.

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