Client: Housesimple

Undercurrent and House of Experience gave us the challenge of creating a hidden camera advert where an actor posing as a waiter would ask cafe bar customers to pay upfront. We found a location where we could situate 2 cameras on long lenses and hide them out of sight of the customers as well as concealing mini cameras in the ceiling. It was a really fun project to work on, shot on location in Manchester.

Agency and Production: Undercurrent and House of Experience

Producer and Director: Ben Sherriff

Director of Photography: Davey Gilder

Camera Operator: Jed Darlington-Roberts

Sound Recordist: Francis Cullen

Format: Arri Amira with Zeiss Compact Zooms

Platform: YouTube

side view of Arri Amira
Small HD monitor and Arri settings

Creating a glossy look with natural light and Arri

We initially explored the idea of creating a fixed rig environment for the project; but we were only able to have the location for one day. So instead of going with small remote cameras we chose to hide almost in plain sight with two Arri Amira cameras filming on long lenses two achieve our master shots. This enabled us to create a more glossy and vibrant look to the content. We found a location with great natural light so that we were able to film without supplementing the available light at all.

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