LCCI Level Up

Client: Pearson

We created this 30 second content piece to promote LCCI qualifications from Pearson to an international audience. We answered the brief by creating an app like animation where the player would level up - just like the new qualifications would do for the learner.

Producer and Director: Ben Sherriff

Animation and Art Direction: Monika Sieminska

Illustration: Monika Sieminska

Format: Illustrator and After Effects

Platform: YouTube

From concept to storyboard, animation and delivery

We sign off at every stage of the process with our clients so that there are no surprises for them when we come to the animation phase. Once signed off on the board we move to illustration style frames, full illustration and then animatic creation. The animatic is a bare bones animation that lacks the final finesse but is essential for tweaking timings before the final animation is carried out. Working in this way streamlines the process and ensures the client knows exactly what they are getting throughout.

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