Top 5 ways to reach your audience with fresh video content

21 August 2020

When publishing your video content it’s important that you try to keep it relevant and fresh. So we’ve put together this list of the top 5 ways to reach your audience with fresh video content. Depending on the content your video may have a fairly short shelf life – this is mainly due to the rate at which it is consumed and the sheer volume of content online. The numbers are truly mind-boggling! Globally by 2021 3 trillion minutes (5  million years) of video content will cross the internet each month! That is 1.0 million minutes of video streamed or downloaded every second! (Source: Cisco). We’ve rounded up our top 5 considerations to help you get inspired about your video strategy.

1. Think about your audience.

One of the first questions we ask when starting a new project is who is your target audience – put simply; who are you trying to reach? This will set the tone of the content, the platform, the way we voice and film the work, the style that we use, and how we position your brand. You are making the content for your audience and so you need to try and get inside their heads. To ensure maximum engagement – you need to consider how and why they may view your content and if there’s a good reason for them to share it.

2. Try out different formats and platforms.

Keep it fresh by working with different formats. For example, you might be able to incorporate Vlogs into your news feed or blog. How about creating a team video that introduces and personalises a team? Don’t just stick to short form. Mix things up by experimenting with longer-form episodic content that can keep viewers coming back each week or month. Why not use short-form versions of content to promote the longer form? Maximise your return on investment AND return on effort.

3. Do it Yourself!

Don’t be afraid to try to create content for yourself. It is likely if you work in a large organisation that there will be someone already creating content, or indeed someone who already knows their way around a camera and editing software. In organisations large and small budget is always a concern – so if you can produce some content yourself then why not give it a go? Of course, there will always be certain projects where you need to call in a production company but having some form of in-house capability is essential to your video strategy. Try to be consistent with your DIY work. Get a title sequence or branded titles made by a production company so that you can use these on all your videos. Finally, make sure that you invest in good sound equipment. People will forgive a less than perfect image but you need to make sure that the content can be heard otherwise your audience will switch off!

4. Go Live

It is easier than ever before to live stream video. This might be our new favorite way to reach your audience. There are many platforms that enable you to do this, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope all have the ability to go live straight from your mobile device. Once you are live streaming you want to encourage your audience to interact. We recommend sharing a show hashtag. Be sure to encourage a conversation amongst your audience. Audiences love to influence the outcome of a stream so think about how you can give them a way of interacting with what is going on. For example, sharing pictures of themselves, hosting a competition, a live poll, or a viewer’s live Q&A.

5. What’s the story?

What is your overall narrative? What is the story? This could be the brand’s ethos, how your event was the best one ever, or something deeply personal and moving that becomes a call to action. People engage with stories. The easiest way to make sure that you have a clear narrative is to think about creating a beginning, middle and end. It may sound like a completely obvious point but the way to maintain engagement is to keep the entire content relevant and engaging. If it is not contributing to the narrative then it shouldn’t be there.

Need some more clarity? Here at Spellbinder, we aren’t just about creating the content itself – we want to ensure you’re creating the relevant content for your brand and your audience. We’re here to chat if you’d like to brainstorm ideas or you need tips on how video can optimise your marketing campaign. Want to explore the top 5 ways to reach your audience then why not set up a meeting today?