Why video content is the quickest and easiest way to get your message across

21 June 2020

Over the past decade, there has been a phenomenal rise in the consumption of video content online. By 2021 82% of the World’s internet traffic will be video (Source: Cisco). Compare this to an already impressive 73% in 2014. That’s a staggering growth. Today everyone has a screen in their pocket. Video has reached nearly every culture and every social and demographic group. If you want to connect with your audience it stands to reason that video is the best way to go about it. It would be feasible to write an entire PhD thesis on why video content is the quickest and easiest way to get your message across. But, we don’t have time for that here! So read on for our 5 key reasons:

1. Video is instant.

With video you can convey everything from highly complex science to simple brand or product messaging within seconds. Ideas can be represented via infographics, animations and motion picture far quicker than the written word. That’s because our experience of the world is a visual one. Our brains interpret imagery faster and we remember the images we see. When done well it is way more engaging and captivating than other forms of communication. The PowerPoint is dead! Long live the video.

2. Video can save time and money.

Our inboxes are constantly bombarded with emails from internal and external sources. If you can communicate internal or even external messages and information via video then you are saving your workforce and customers lots of time and increasing their productivity. In a 30 second video you can convey information that might take 5 minutes to read. Your CEO or executive team can pre-record or live stream a video message across continents rather than flying across the Atlantic and staying in a hotel. Saving the bottom line and the environment to boot. It is very quick and easy to create an explainer video or a brand video for a virtual event – it need not be super expensive or time consuming.

3. Video is honest and personal.

There is something inherently genuine when businesses communicate their message via video. Be it for internal comms, campaign messaging, external communications and even product marketing. By putting your team members on camera your audience get to know them. It becomes personal. Outside of your organisation you can use influencers, brand ambassadors, experts or fans to tell your product or brand story in a natural, personal and engaging way. Audiences value these personal meaningful connections and it is easy to do!

4. Video is versatile.

Just consider the types of video you can create and think how difficult these functions are to do in text and other media.

  • Explainer Videos will enable you to tell people what your product is and how to use it. What sort of customer service you offer or how best to access it and a whole lot more.
  • Interviews provide the perfect framework for episodic content where you bring in influencers, special guests or experts. They can even be a used as podcasts to reach a wider audience beyond that of the video and further improve SEO.
  • Event videos and highlight reels work for communications about awards, conferences, round tables and more.
  • Product Review videos can be created by sending products to people in your industry. These can be created by YouTubers and communicate product information.

Live video and streamed content are instantaneous. Why not try to reach a global audience across social?

5. Video is ubiquitous.

Video has come to dominate every social channel therefore its use in marketing has become part of a whole business strategy for many companies. Content can be produced by all teams in a specific and measurable way. It is not just on social channels where it is ubiquitous. If your team isn’t doing video then it ought to be!

Of course there are many more reasons why video is the quickest and easiest way to get your message across. Hopefully, this article gives you some of the key ideas as to why it can be quick and easy. Video is instant, it can save you time and money. It is honest and personal, it can do much more than text. But above all, it is everywhere!

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